Programs and services designed to achieve work life balance

Summer Street is a person-centered organization and it’s reflected in everything we do. People have the opportunity to volunteer or work in the community; to learn life skills and explore personal interests; or to work and train in our social enterprises or employment program.

As needs and interests change clients may be involved in any of our programs including: vocational training, personal development, employment services, health and wellness, literacy, and recreation. In-house social enterprises include catering and events, trophies and our New Beginnings store.

You will see that we interchange the words "employee", "client" and "trainee" throughout the site. Because we provide services based on a individual's interests, sometimes the same person is our client, sometimes our trainee and sometimes our employee.

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Your generosity makes a difference!

Donations critical to our long-term success are managed by the Summer Street Foundation. To-date, through your generosity the Foundation has contributed over $3,000,000 to maintain and improve programs and operations.