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The sense of well-being when you walk through our doors comes from people genuinely caring for one another. A desire to improve quality of life is at the heart of everything we do. To help those we serve get the most out of programs and life it is essential that management and staff know how to think outside the box. “Our team is well-trained, innovative and flexible in their approach.” says HR Director, Kim MacKinnon. “Volunteers provide additional support and share skills that allow staff to enhance programs and services.”

For information about joining our team, call Kim MacKinnon at 902-755-2240.


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Summer Street Management Team

Bob Bennett, Executive Director
Tel. 902-755-2057   Email: bob@summerstreet.ca
Kim MacKinnon, Director of Human Resources
Tel. 902-755-2240   Email: kim@summerstreet.ca
Dorothy Doyle, Director of Services
Tel. 902-755-2676  Email: dorothy@summerstreet.ca
Jannesta Sharpe, Manager, Skill Development Programs
Tel. 902-755-2439   Email: jannesta@summerstreet.ca
Julie Dignan, Manager, Life Enhancement Programs
Tel. 902-755-2596   Email: julie@summerstreet.ca
Richard LaSalle, Manager, Employment Services
Tel. 902-755-2560   Email: richard@summerstreet.ca
Liz LiaPier, Manager, Community Development
Tel. 902-755-2306   Email: liz@summerstreet.ca
Kelly Barnes, Manager, Finance
Tel. 902-755-2551   Email: kellyw@summerstreet.ca 
Kate O’Farrell Sutherland, Manager, Client Support & Counselling Therapist
Tel. 902-754-5125   Email: Katie@summerstreet.ca
 Teresa MacLeod, Manager, Social Enterprises & Events
Tel:  902-755-2306   Email: teresa@summerstreet.ca
Client Council