At the end of the day programs are measured by whether or not they have improved a person’s quality of life. 

Programs range from personal care and health, to social skills and employment, and there is considerable interconnection. On any given day a person might participate in a day program, volunteer in the community and later work as an employee in one of our social enterprises. While this might meet the expectations of some it could be out of the question for others. We are always working to provide a wide enough range of opportunities to include everyone.


Day Programs

Day programs enhance quality of life including education, literacy, health and well-being. Healthy lifestyles are promoted through individual and group counselling, fitness, nutrition, and personal health (emotional, sexual, self-esteem and relationships.)

Opportunities provide for social engagement and community volunteering.


Social Enterprises

Our Social Enterprises offer training and employment in a variety of business and service settings on-site and in the community. Each unit requires both basic and unique skill-sets and give participants the opportunity to discover what they enjoy doing and where they can excel.


Vocational Services

Our vocational services offer training in work skills and work-related interpersonal skills, habits and attitudes required to be successful in any work setting. Our approach includes workplace education, wellness and pre-employment experience (volunteering, career exploration, job sampling, job shadowing, mobile work crew and work stations).


Summer Street Works

We assist in identifying career paths and providing support to participants. Together we explore interests and identify potential employers. One-on-one job site training and follow up may be included. We also help employers understand the many benefits of hiring adults with intellectual disability and provide ongoing support.


For more information on our various programs contact:

Day Programs: Julie Dignan at 902-755-2596

Social Enterprises: Liz LaPier at 902-755-2306

Vocational Services: Jannesta Sharpe at 902-755-2439

Summer Street Works: Richard Lasalle at 902-755-2560


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