More space to grow: Summer Street cultivates a brighter, more inclusive future.

We are setting in motion an incredible project that will not only enhance Summer Street’s programs but also strengthen our local food systems. For the last 4 years we have been building this project with careful engagement of stakeholders, most notably Summer Street’s participants, to ensure this vision Province announces new funding for greenhouse in New Glasgow will fulfill a need and objective for the individuals who will be the primary beneficiaries of this project.

The construction of a closed environment agriculture facility that will provide meaningful employment, education & program space, and community building opportunities for Summer Street and the greater community. The space will provide agricultural producers with leasable production space and labour support that would allow them to expand production capacity while simultaneously creating social programs and employment opportunities.  

Through every stage of development, Summer Street has thoughtfully engaged the community to ensure the project is strategically aligned to meet the social, economic, cultural, and environmental needs of stakeholders. The building will be designed to be sustainable, accessible, and have high standards for human and environmental health. This expansion of Summer Street’s facilities will support Social Enterprise Development. 

Social Enterprise is the economic driver through which Summer Street delivers impact in a financially sound, sustainable, and increasingly self-sufficient way. This investment will ensure Summer Street has the resources needed to continue delivering excellent programming, implement new Social Enterprises, and build a vibrant and inclusive future. 






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Received Close To $3 Million From Federal And Provincial Governments

Summer Street Industries tackles inclusivity and food insecurity

Summer Street cultivates a brighter, more inclusive future in New Glasgow

Summer Street Getting new Greenhouse

Province announces new funding for greenhouse in New Glasgow